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LR- I don't know how you do it... how you can stay so calm. I am in awe of you, you know that?! Seriously, you cheated and know it's affects more than anyone yet you remain calm,... I just blow the fuck up!!!!

I guess because I cheated too and it devastated me more than anyone. I ruined myself. Now I fight back and make myself strong by being a hard ass.... it really is because I care, not because I hate you. I hate myself that is like your wife Cap'n. I hate what we as humans have done to ourselves that makes it okay to cheat.

We as a society (the proverbial "you") teach our kids this at a young age by not respecting their need for independent thinking. We bark out orders to them and don't respect their feelings, we tell them what to do and deny them from making descions and seeing the affect, they are not their own people in this way of being raised, they are ours to mold into what everyone else is.... it all leads to teaching them how to be deceitful and how to lie in order to get their needs met. I see it all around me.

I saw it this morning as a mum yelled at her 3 year old to "smarten up and stop being shy because he is severely damaging his future." I mean What The Fuck! What is that, no respect for his feelings and personality, already in training to be just like everyone else, a damaged adult that doesn't know his true self and who sneaks around behind others back to get his needs met and doesn't know why. We are doomed.... I just feel we are all doomed. so sad.
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