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Default Polyamory, commitment, and emotional investment

I have done a lot of reading on this topic, and finally took a break recently to mull some ideas over in my head. One thing that I wonder is the topic of polyamory and commitment. I know this is something that has been discussed ad infinitum on many websites and blogs, but the part of it that truly interests me is not the argument that polyamorous people lack commitment, but where polyamorous decisions come from internally?

What I mean is this: (Disclaimer - There are all kinds of people in the world and I cannot distinguish or over generalize how people act to any one group.) The point is that I believe there are people that practice polyamory and hold commitment to the highest regard - committing to a shared life with one or more person(s) and working on the relationship when things get rough.

But, where does polyamory come from? For some it stems from adopting a philosophy of life, from others it stems from long recognized desires, and from others it stems from the inability to remain in monogamous relationships and resorting to cheating. But for all of these people does polyamory stem from a desire to both keep some emotional distance from partners one is involved with and for that same emotional distance to not exist?

Also, what do you think about people who claim to be polyamorous, and yet do not want to invest emotionally in relationships, platonic, or otherwise?
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