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Originally Posted by atheist View Post
Honesty is NOT normal. Lying is a defense either for the other person or for the person telling the lie, and lies are therefore a form of emotional protection. Oddly enough, I canít think of a more effective form of emotional protection in discourse than a lie told so well that itís believed indefinitely or at least long enough so that when truth is discovered, it is no longer the painful experience it would have been at the time of the lie.
Are you serious?!!! I would love to know a situation where a lie is not hurtful. It doesn't matter how long it has been held. To the point of believing it or not, it is still hurtful. Perhaps it isn't obvious, but it is there. I find that quite insulting actually. What the fuck it the point of me spending so much time an energy and living my life as honestly as I possibly can if I just have to believe the lies I tell in order to wait for a really long time so that they too sill believe them?!!!! I'm sorry this just makes me really angry

Originally Posted by atheist View Post
Thereís also something about being dishonest that just sits wrong with me, and I think people in general, that *typically* results in the lies being told only when no other truth, however diplomatic, will serve well enough as a form of protection for someone involved. I loathe lying, and canít stand it when I catch myself telling one for any reasonÖthough that hasnít stopped me in the past for some reason. Maybe itís just another sign Iím a mere mortal, or am I by definition, a liar, as far as civilized society is concerned? Honesty is so much preferable, and not being capable of shame or guilt would make total honesty much easier, wouldnít it?
"Not being capable of shame and guilt would make it easier to be honest!" What?!!!! I'm glad that you see value in not lying, but it sounds like you have a long way to go to be comfortable and a compassionate truth teller. Telling the truth is not easy, you are right, but it DOES come naturally if you practice it. Not only that it compounds on itself and amazing and wonderful things grow out of it. Amazing bonds and connections. Huge amounts of happiness, passion, self love, (I could go on!). Just as lies create huge craters of loneliness, self hate and loathing, disconnection, false relationships based on nothing but thin air, and a huge amount of pain for everyone.

I'm on to reading your entire thread now.... which I recognize btw perhaps that will bring to light what the heck??? I hope so.
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