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I can't believe someone SAID that to your husband. How RUDE! ! ! !

Your relationship is built by...
wait for it...
YOU and the people IN IT.

That's it.

I'm in a V. Started with me having an affair. Much messier than you describe your situation.
We all live together. They aren't FRIENDS. They obviously KNOW each other-we live together. They are trying to build a friendship.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean specifically about your men not getting together, whether you mean literally standing in the same room or if you mean sexually.

Just in case you mean sexually I wanted to let you know that A TRIAD is where all 3 partners would be sexual with one another, a V isn't like that.

EITHER WAY-don't let what others say bother you.

FYI on this forum, it's COMMON to get a few days when none of the regulars has time to write-and so answers are sparse.
Also-tehre is more activity on the "general" forum than the new to poly one some days. Just look around!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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