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All I can do is relate to you what I went through. I was tortured by my secret of love. While we were involved, I hid my feelings which was toxic to both my now ex-lover and wife but more toxic for me. I was out of control, and the emotional solitude was hurting me more than anyone.

Admitting it to myself was step helps
Admitting it to my wife was step helped a lot...
Admitting it to the person you love...was an incredible relief.

I was worried she would never talk to me, want to be with me...etc. Luckily I fell in love with an amazing woman who took it in stride. Our relationship had ended but our friendship has flourished. It didn't work out for me the way I would have liked but all in all, telling the person was an important step...

Good luck, its tough to do I know. We all fear consequences, but if you can't tell someone you love them without fear of them running away...would they be worth maintaining a relationship with anyways?
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