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There is a way through it.
But it's a hard way.

I had an affair.
It broke my husbands heart.
We're now happier then ever before AND we are polyamorous and I am dating the man I had an affair with, who lives with us.

BUT-it's been a HELL of a road. Literally HELL trying to get through all of it.

Jealousy is an issue ANYWAY that you should look into and work on resolving.

But you can't build a good loving relationship of ANY kind on lies. It doesn't work. The only way to build a GOOD loving relationship is to be totally honest with one another about what you need, who you are, what you want, where you are going and then decide from there how the two of you can make your paths compatible.

sometimes only harsh will get through thick skulls. (OP-not saying yours is thick-just making a point).

I have to agree with you counseling is a MUST.
Cheating isn't polyamory.
Reading all you can read on polyamory is a MUST if you are even considering it.
The same is true of swinging.
"Love As Thou Wilt"

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