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Have you done a search on here for tagged threads about coming out? There are quite a few. Perhaps if you read the thread Mono started about our coming out story it would help? Its entitled "redpepper needs help."

I think there is merit to coming out, but wouldn't advice it in the throws of NRE. There is so much at stake then and the relationship is not on solid footing. I had to come out, but if I had it another way I would of waited until we were more established and comitted to our family, as we are now. If poly is your dating style and outsiders see you as a single person playing the field, then I would air on the side of letting them think that until such time as it becomes painfully obvious its more than that or there is someone, or someones worth talking about because you know they will be around for awhile. Mainsteam culture understands that better it seems. Length of time equals level of commitment.
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