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Unhappy How did you tell people?

My family doesn't know. not sure if telling my parents with them being sick is the best idea. I've told 5 of my friends, the ones I'm closest to. One is a bit shocked but will come around. we've been through enough to get through this. 2 pretty much called me the same things I've heard when I tell people I'm bi. I'm a slut, I'm greedy, I'm going to hell, I'm a bad person, I'm selfish. then the other 2 were so incredible. J never missed a beat saying he was going to support me. He said that he's pretty sure this will suit me as I have so much love that's just waiting to be let out. and M is apparently poly herself. She never told me because she wasn't sure how to. So she's telling me her story and we're bonding. My question: how do you deal with the people who refuse to support you or accept you for who you are?
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