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Default More Random Crap - An Update

Well, nothing too exciting is happening of late. I'm enjoying the new blog, and actually considering doing some book reviews from a Mono POV (I think too many times, we mono partners are given "Poly Bibles" to read without any idea that we may be alienated by the text). I'm starting with "The 5 Love Languages" (and rereading it) because I think that's been my favorite relationship book to date (and it's not even poly-related).

I've managed to give myself tendinitis by going out for a run when my body wasn't ready. All due to a pinky-promise to some friends that we'd run a half-marathon together this year (well, REALLY due to my inability to believe that I really AM this out of shape). The kicker - sex aggravates it too. Nothing like having a nice night of sexeh time, and then Chops feeling awful afterward when my leg decides to tell me to fuck off. Boo.

Still having difficulty with the "kinda-sorta blended family" thing. Chops was here for a Sat/Sun while the kids were here, and by the end of it, he was staying away from us, and I was walking on eggshells around him. Not good. There's a lot there - feeling like he's competing with the kids for my time (and his refusal to do so, hence removing himself from the situation), being ignored/dismissed by my teenager, getting rankled when he perceives them disrespecting me (when my tolerance levels are clearly different and I don't even notice this half the time).

On the one hand, it's perversely nice to have a problem that isn't a "poly problem." On the other hand, this one's extremely difficult. Sigh.

Home improvements are going slowly (I've started really trying to work within a budget - thank you, YNAB!), but going. The tree limbs have been taken down, and Chops has begun to split wood. We're looking into roofing options for the garage now, but given my budget, buying shingles may have to happen over time. We may have to find a temporary solution for the winter (since ideally, we want the summer heat to adhere the shingles better) and then collect shingles over time.

In the meantime, I decided to start working on some of the smaller projects that I've been putting off in favor of the big ones. I bought a pedestal sink for the downstairs bathroom, and we're thinking of retiling the floor (although the traditional hex pattern that I wanted is a bit more expensive than I'd have liked... there's a cheaper square-ish pattern that goes with the character of the house, so we may go with that instead). Painting the trim and wainscoting white, sinking the medicine cabinet into the wall (not sure why they didn't, so I'm sure we'll find SOMETHING that sets us back), and then finding some other storage solutions (and a nice new paint color) when done.

Little bit by little bit.
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