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Im really happy about having found this forum. I like the way people talk to each other here, its a very respectfull and positive one.

Now let me introduce myself - Im married, mother of a one-year-old boy, and I have a "secondary man", as we use to call it, I understand that here in the forum many call it just boyfriend. I had knewn him for ten years before falling in love with him (longer than my husband). Its a crazy thing which made me rethink many of my opinions on relationships, love and jealousy.

Well, so far about me, the questions I have Ill put in another threat
Just, to finish this introductions, Id like to say that my explanation why I love just these two men is that they are yin and yang, fire and water, night and day, Aragorn and Legolas - and they just make me feel so completely alive.

Best wishes
* Every new love enlarges the heart *
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