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I wonder why its so hard to just say I will call you at this time and will tell you when I will be back? It makes me feel like there is more going on. I know its rather like treating someone as a child sometimes, is that what she thinks? This is for her benefit as much as yours. She can relax into this kind of boundary and know exactly what is expected of her. As long as you don't bug her in the interum. Does she know this? Have you talked about how it benefits her?

I realize that you two are not me and your lives are not mine. No one is telling you what to do and how to do it. All examples are meant to be to help you two figure out your own way. Have you told her any examples of how others manage their poly time?

If she has some way of making you feel considered, repected and loved in this time of transition from two to three, then I'd love to know because I can't think of one.
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