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Its because this is the first time she will be doing anything solo without me and part of the agreement was that she was going to spend the day with him and then see me in the evening. This is why a txt or something at 10pm is too late for me.

the problem is that she refuses to give me even a rough time of when i will be seeing her in the evening even tho she agreed to see me then and because she refuses to give me even a ball park time i feel like that might mean i won't get to see her that night and that would break the agreement.

She has been really good about helping me to a certain comfort level because she has done this b4 and i haven't. but this is a big step and i only feel like i can handle it if i have an idea of at least ok this is when i will be seeing you around.

It wouldn't bother if she was even late or something, it bothers me that suddenly there is a lack of consideration. I don't know if its just because she is eager or since she has waited awhile to do something, but i'm pretty sure it isn't because of the other person involved.

I just don't know how to deal with this because she won't take how i'm feeling into consideration or is now starting to accuse me that i'm being too controling and just don't want her to do it or i am trying to delay it. and it really hurts because i've gotten over the jealousy and the worry, but its just this one consideration and suddenly it feels like i'm asking too much.

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