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Originally Posted by dazedandconfused View Post
I am working on reaching out more and meeting new women and have recently met a couple of ladies that I really like. However, the relationship is new and I don't really know them that well yet.
I am so glad to hear this. It sounds like your life is super busy already with family (parents, kids) and that your needs for independence and autonomy have not been present in your life. When I became partners with Mono my husband went through a time of self discovery and change. I think that was the biggest gift to all of us is that we went about accomplishing that which makes us happy and fulfilled. Not that taking care of family is not fulfilling, just that there is so much more to do in life.

It's all very well to open up a relationship, but in my experience if there is any rock left unturned, it will be turned for us in figuring out a balanced poly lifestyle. It sounds like this could be the rock that is left unturned for you. Who knows, in turning it and going and getting your personal life in order, you could rekindle all kinds of good stuff in your marriage. Maybe there are even some rocks to turn that your husband would like to turn with you
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