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Originally Posted by biglover View Post
being a newbie that is involved with someone who has vastly more experience than i by comparison i definitely have made that assumption that she shouldn't have nearly as much trouble dealing with the issues that i had to. but i was COMPLETLY wrong. She has also said that she never used to feel these issues b4 she started trying to be open with me, so maybe she is more of a noob than she realizes

Perhaps then the experience model can still feel the same level of anxieties that come with jealousy issues and such because it is in a NEW situation with a NEW person each time and therefore they themselves are in fact a noob despite their veteran title?
yes that status is not necessarily a welcome one for me. I am a highly emotional and easily hurt person, I don't do well with assumptions and negativity that arises from them. I much prefer to just be called by my name and that is it.... no poly, no veteran, no leader, no anything, just me. Anyone who cares to know me for real will conjure up whatever that means for themselves. It is unique and all mine, whether that is a pleasant thing for them or not.
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