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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
1. Is there a tendency towards Newbies thinking that veterans should be more capable of over coming some of the major poly issues such as jealousy... etc.?
Hmmm, guess this is a question the "newbies" would have to answer ?
But I think one would naturally assume that someone who has experienced something prior would have learned something from the experience and therefore be in a better position to deal with it in the future. But of course that's not ALWAYS the case - is it ? Some people are slow learners

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
2. How do you feel about the word "leader" as far as veterans in the poly community go?
Depends on the definition of the term.
Leader - as in one who goes out front - goes before......
So that usage is self defining. You've either been here before or you haven't.


Leader - as in one who has both the experience and the wisdom to know how/when to pass those lessons on down in an effort to help those who come behind.

"Leaders" in this context are as rare as unicorns in most walks of life (in my experience anyway). But they are a jewel when you discover one !

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