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I have made plans with a friend and a 24. so i think that i can keep myself distracted.

I have thought about asking for a check in call. She has said that it is possible that she may not do anything intimate and that they may just hang out. so i feel like if she called to check in and was like " nothing happened yet but i think it will for sure i'll call you when i'm done" won't sit very well with me and may increase my anxiety.

I think That eventually we may be able to get rid of the curfew thing, but for the first time i don't think it is much to ask that she do the same i did for her my first time. is that fair?

I feel like if this blows up and we continue doing things like this in this fashion i would need a rule of having a specific time for all later encounters. and would do the same. Curfews never actually bothered me all that much but i can see how they might.

I guess i just feel like we are working backwards. If she can give me a time range this time, (which isn't even really a specific curfew) then i can ease into the whole general plans thing much more as you were saying. but if she can't even help with this on the first time then i question where this is all going between us.

I want the open thing to work and thrive, but baby steps. I get that its a control thing and i just feel like i've had my share of being controlled in this situation reversed and now this is all i'm asking. But she won't move on this.

thanks for the advice tho, a check-in is something i will give thought to.
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