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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Polyamory is not synonymous with bisexuality.

You, yourself, do not have to have sex with or "be with" another woman.

I'm sensing that there is some expectation of threesomes and/or mutual girlfriend(s). You didn't say so but the way your sentence comes across, it's as though you take it as a given that you are "supposed to" be involved with other women in order to "be polyamorous".

Nothing could be further from the reality.

Do not let anyone pressure you into doing something you do not want to do.
Oh. I am sorry to mislead you there. I completely understand that I do not have to "be with" another woman nor is my husband expecting that. He is not pressuring me for that. I guess right now that is the only way I think I could possibly do this without feeling really jealous and wondering what was going on.

Thank you for the clarification anyway.

Originally Posted by idealist View Post
Welcome!!! Have you thought about why you don't have any woman friends?
Yes. I have been with my husband since high school and we married shortly there after. I kind of did the typical thing girls will do and be with the boy and not the girlfriends. I was in college, working and a new marriage. Not much time for friends. Then came kids and all of that. I do have some women friends, but they are not what I would call the kind of friends you tell your most intimate stuff too.

I am working on reaching out more and meeting new women and have recently met a couple of ladies that I really like. However, the relationship is new and I don't really know them that well yet.

Your insights are spot on with this and it is something I am working on the best I can.

Thank you.

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