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Default Little Frustrated

Just a little frustrated tonight. We were hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend tonight. My sister was inside taking care of her baby. So the three of us were outside. Now her boyfriend is a pot smoking, constant cheating creep that I already don't like. It is a shock to see him do anything that might constitute as help with his own baby. But we deal with it because my sister wants him around so that her daughter can know her biological father. Anyway off topic.
So the three of us are on the porch hanging out and they are joking around about sex stuff. I was joking with them. Husband makes a comment about something kinky. I do tons of kinky stuff but I think this particular thing is a bit gross so I don't do it. I just made the joking comment that hey, I am not your girlfriend, that's her thing.
He looks at sister's boyfriend and says very seriously giddy "Yeah, she's a freak!" I just looked at him, like are you serious! And he knows he could have been a little more discreet, especially in front of someone like him who wouldn't understand polyamory the way it is meant to be. Just a reason to sleep around with anyone anytime.
So we go on talking. And I mention that comment bothered me and I was still thinking about it. So husband is all like "Of course you are, because that is what you do." I understand he was trying to be all guy but come on! Show a little sensitivity. Sorry, just venting. I know he didn't mean any harm and he will probably come inside later and apologize. I am just a little irritated right now. Might also have something to do with lack of sleep. My daughter is in her crazy into everything toddler stage and I am so tired from chasing her all day long to go with the cleaning, work and other errands.
Thanks for the vent. Just bothered because he gets mad if I say I am ok about something when I am not and don't open up. But when I do he makes a smart ass comment. He does the same thing when he says he wants to reassure me. One minute he is saying he wants to be there and help me through the hard points, the next he is saying I can't keep depending on him to make me feel better. So then I don't, I start trying to depend on myself, so he gets mad that I am not coming to him and leaning on him and talking to him. It is a back and forth cycle that wears me down a bit. I am sure I will be fine in the morning.
Thanks again.
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