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Actually that one verse on which you base your understanding of "what a pagan is," to a Greek speaking Jew of the 1st century, is Matthew 18:17. Not 10:13.

It's easy to look up various translations of Biblical verses on Bible Gateway online.

Various translations use Gentile, unbeliever, one of the nations, or "an heathen man" (lol KJV). The Greek word would have been most accurately been translated as Gentile, which, in Hebrew, is goy, meaning, merely, a non-Jew. So, in this case, Jesus is made to say, settle a dispute with a troublesome Jewish "Christian brother" (one who sins) by speaking to him privately, and if that doesn't work, by taking it to the religious community (gathering, ie: ecclesia, which we rather loosely interpret as "church"). If that doesn't work, "Jesus" recommends cutting this troublesome person out of the ecclesia, considering them no longer a part of the fledgling "Christian" community.

A pagan/Gentile/non-Jew did not then, and does not now mean "really mean person" "who rejects your love even if you healed them of their sickness, fed them when they were hungry and died to protect them from religious bigots who claim to be doing god's work when they harm or kill innocent people."

Also, a Roman "pagan" would not be someone "having fun out in nature." Country people were, and often still are, hard working farmers and animal breeders, not vacationers.

And sure, we all hate paying taxes, but a tax collector is not a Gentile by definition. Gentiles and tax collectors are just examples of someone you'd want to avoid.

loveboston, you sure do have a unique take on Biblical interpretation.
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