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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
Ry, I hope you got to see the National Zoo while you were in DC... I always find it amazing that you're just driving or walking down a normal city street, when BOOM. There's a rather large zoo sort of plopped in the middle there. Like a zoo TARDIS, bigger on the inside.
Like! MrS visits zoos at every opportunity - I was in DC for some training a few years ago and he spent two DAYS at the National February...and could have gone for more.

Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
...So, I'm not IN the mono world anymore. I'm not in the poly world because, well... I'm not poly. So I stand here, straddling the line with one foot in each world, not belonging in either. Go ahead and tell me how well supported I am, again.
Reminds me of people's responses when I tell that about my experiences with the LGBT community. Because, although I have ID'd as bisexual for 20 years, it doesn't "count" because I am married...TO A MAN - therefore, because I can "pass", I don't need any support. (And I'm not really "bi" etc.)

Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
This is why I've carved out a spot here; I haven't been driven away yet ( ), and honestly, I really REALLY enjoy gaining perspective from all of you here. And no, I have NOT received judgment from any of you for being brainwashed (ugh), controlling or whatnot, and I appreciate that (although I've been asked some good questions that make me think a bit... thinking is a good thing, though ).
I'm glad that you feel un-judged here. I really enjoy reading your perspective and hearing about your journey. Makes me look at MrS's perspective in a different way. He doesn't ID as mono precisely, but has no interest in ACTIVELY looking for relationships (although is open to the idea if they should happen) and I have been his only partner in the last 20+ years...nothing more than "flirty friendships" and the occasional three/four-some (instigated by me)...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here!

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