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Hi all. I'm a dominant male, married with a baby. I was previously interested in the cuckold lifestyle; in fact I currently am running two cuckold affairs (both husbands know about me, and in fact are submissive to me).

But now my tastes and needs are changing. I'm interested in establishing a poly household. I decided to start writing here in order to explore my needs, and articulate what they are before pursuing them.

I am 46, and extremely interested in bringing another woman into my household, and having another child with her. My wife and I are getting ready to get her pregnant again. Yet I feel this inexorable need to have more childrenómany more children.

I was single before I married for the first time in 2013. My wife is currently 24, and she is very happy with our life. So am I. I love her, and adore our child.

But I need more.
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