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Originally Posted by polypie View Post
I'm learning all sorts of new terms and phrases... If you're comfortable, please share what sort of polyamorous relationships work for you AND which don't. Do you know why that is?
We are in what we refer to ourselves as a quad.
We were two couples who had been friends for several years when the next thing you know, we started having feelings for each other.

In our situation (borrowing some of Nadya's definition):

me + S - we are married (with romance and sex and all that)

A + M - they are married with romance and sex and all that.

me + M - romantically and sexually involved with each other

A + S - romantically and sexually involved with each other

me + A - my female best friend and sexually involved on occasion

M + S - best of friends, act like brothers, but not sexually or romantically involved in any capacity.

We did not identify as poly and we were not looking for anyone(s) to add to our marriage. Our situation grew organically out of friendship. I guess you would call us polyfidelitous? Meaning we are a closed group not looking to add anymore to our group.

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