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Arlo had a good first therapy session, and we had good sex all week. One night, out at a gay karaoke bar, he even encouraged me to flirt with my cute bisexual hairdresser. I'm feeling good about my marriage

Ah, the cute hairdresser! She seemed very happy to see me, but then, she was very drunk (as was I) and we hugged several times, more than was necessary to say hello and goodbye. Once, I took her hand and held it in my lap, and she didn't pull away. I bought her a drink, and she asked me to dance with her. She held me in her arms a long time, and I made sure to pull her in very close and tight.

I'd really like to get to know her better, but shyness and fear of rejection is getting the best of me. Her OKCupid profile said she would NOT consider an open relationship, she never "likes" or comments on my posts on Facebook, plus I feel like she's a pretty direct person who would ask me out if she wanted to do more than just flirt. I wish I knew if she's so touchy-feely with all women, or just me? I haven't seen her act like that with anyone else, but I've only hung with her a couple of times. I guess I'll make a hair appointment next week, I'm due for a cut anyway, and see if I still feel a vibe when there's no tequila involved.
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