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Daycare or chicken coop?
@Ariakas: LMAO! I won't say which (gotta have at least one closet, right?), but I'll pass that line around, so the other 'farmhands' can be appreciative.

Congrats, while I dismiss my marraige as a personal disbelief in religion and a paperweight for gov't. The wedding ceremony was important and emotional for me. We used a non secular priest who sat us down and we got to build our own vows from pieces we may like from the bible or poems etc. It was a pretty cool experience and very bonding together. ...I wish I could get married every year haha
Thanks for the congrats! The way I see it, K's and my marriage means exactly what we decide it does. If we decide it's a big, important step, then it gets to be. We're currently looking for someone willing to sit down and contemplate our ceremony with us, and I'm so excited about what it might mean. (Thanks again, Vandalin!)... And Ari-- why not do it again? Commitment ceremonies rock! This thread started with descriptions of exactly that, as I recall.
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