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Default Hello world!

Hi Alan here. New to this forum and Polamory. Suzanna (my 'legal wife' of 33 years) and I have BOTH fallen in love with a lady and have (although not legal) exchanged vows and rings. So in our eyes, the three of us are married.
I also love another lady (everyone knows about it), but thats more complicated as she is in a marriage and although there is no 'relationship' and hasn't been for years, they won't split until the kids are older.
Anne (the new partner) is about the same age as us and we are buying a new house to all move into. The house we have now is big enough but it is felt that it is how Suzanna and I want it and Anne feels that she wont be able to make an imprint on it.
We were thinking of moving anyway so no problem.
Absolutely no jealousy at all. Yes we are 'over the honeymoon period lol'.
So lots to do and families to 'inform'. We are doing that in stages and so far so good! There is always a question of just how much you bother to tell a 90year old mother in law!
Looking forward to getting opinions and advice on various subjects and practical advice on things.
We ARE all swingers, but to be honest we are 'easing off on that for now' as we are very happy the three of us. So it may be an occasional thing.
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