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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
Sorry I'm joining late, been sick lately and haven't had the energy to sign on after a full work day. (My job involves lots of running and chasing... which is swell until around 8pm when I'm home on the couch!)
Daycare or chicken coop? Get better soon, being sick, sucks.

Third... @Mono, I hear what you're saying about a marriage ceremony-- what's it for, if not fidelity? It's something I've actually been struggling with in my own way, because K and I are engaged (wedding's in 5mos and change ) and trying to decide what it means for us to be wed.
Congrats, while I dismiss my marraige as a personal disbelief in religion and a paperweight for gov't. The wedding ceremony was important and emotional for me. We used a non secular priest who sat us down and we got to build our own vows from pieces we may like from the bible or poems etc. It was a pretty cool experience and very bonding together. ...I wish I could get married every year haha
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