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Thank you for sharing!! I really like your analogy.

Unfortunately, all of our plans for the future do not turn out the way we wanted them to. Especially when our future plans depend upon another human being. People change and things change. Also- there are climate issues and storms which are responsible for moving a boat off of it's original course. Many boats are completely destroyed and often times the people are destroyed too. But, sometimes, people are found washed up on shore....still alive and with a glimmer of hope about the future.

I just want to say that there are other options for you. One of the options is for you to begin to build your own personal boat. It is not impossible for a person to own two or more boats. You could have a boat that you built with your husband which has now been hijacked AND you could have your own boat. It may take a while to build your boat to be strong enough to carry you and another person or persons, so if you need to cling onto the boat you built with him for your own survival, then do that. But begin to visualize your own personal boat and what it would be like. You would be free to design it any way you want and to steer it in any direction you want. And start gradually building it.
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