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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
I'm still allowed to go on the trip with them, I'm just not allowed to ask questions, worry about where we are going or to have an opinion on how to get there. I'm told that I am still needed on the boat, that my husband is still committed to owning the boat with me - but that I am not allowed to steer or map out alternative routes. This is not a destination I would have ever chosen for myself and I'm angry and resentful that they decided this new route together without my input.
hmmm...this is unfortunate. You should still be a part of the relationship in the way of choosing, making decisions etc. Have you shown this analogy to them? They may not even know you feel like they are doing this?

[edit]oops I misread, you have told them, hopefully it can help with a course correction [/edit]

As an explanation to what I mean, if I meet a gf and decide to include her in my life as a full time compliment, I would ensure decisions made were made with the three of us. I would never forget or force my wife into situations she may not be interested in. Does that mean I will always do what my wife wants? No, but it means, like with all things relationship, it means I will ensure any decision includes all parties involved.

I do like the analogy by the way.

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