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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post

This post by Breathesgirl in the Dating & Relationships section under North America has a couple more links, maybe even the missing links from above.
Thanx, one of them was for kwpoly and the other one I can't remember off hand. My browsers are acting stupid and crashing when I bring up Yahoo so I will look for them again tonight when I'm on the laptop *sigh*. is for a list of poly discuss lists. I shortened it because it was just way too long.

This is a copy and paste from the Toronto Poly discuss list:
A social gathering for polyamorous people is held the first Monday of each month at the Imperial Library Pub on Dundas St. East.

We usually take over the couches (near the fake fireplace on the main floor), grab food and/or drinks, and sometimes engage in such wild activities as interesting conversation, random board games, or taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

The location is at 54 Dundas Street East at Victoria, one block east of Yonge, starting at 6:30 p.m.. Hope to see you there!
I have been to this place on a non-meeting night and didn't find it to my liking. There was a live band in the other room which made it nearly impossible for me to carry on a conversation. I'm told, though, that the band isn't usually there on Monday nights. The nachos were good though .

If anyone's going to be in the Kitchener area just give me a holler. I'm more than glad to meet folks providing I'm not working. I might even be able to get Breathes or Possibility to come along .
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