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I am empathizing with you right now as I try and put myself there and imagine not being free to allow my love to shine. I don't think I could for anyone. I feel for you. I really do.

I hope that this man decides to look at it differently eventually. I hope that you don't see it as "conforming to him" at some point. I hope you are able to get back to what you know in your heart to be your true path...

I really can't see any point in carrying it on if there is no change in this situation. What is the point of living if one is not free to follow the path that has been given them. What will that teach your child? That mummy chose a man over her true passion in life.

I think I would give him a good shot, talk a lot about poly, send him on here, give him books, find a poly group, whatever it takes to educate him. Then, if he seems receptive, move very slowly into allowing yourself to go to that lovely love space that fills you. All the while holding his hand and telling him how much you love him. Listening and talking about every emotion that comes up. Reassuring him all the way of how much he is important in your life. Who knows, one day it may just all be "normal" in the sense that you have made it "normal" for the two of you, not what society dictates.
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