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I used to organize a monthly play date for my boy when I finished my maternity leave as I wanted to stay in touch with the mums I met. I enjoyed it and it served a purpose. I don't want to fall into the same rut of being looked to for that kind of thing as I was then and got burnt out. I see that happening with everything I join and for some reason people like to make leaders out of organizers. That is simply my roll in a group. Nothing more nothing less. I attach no control, even though I seem to be handed it on a platter. It seems that some people like to attach control to leadership rolls and that makes me feel nervous and uncomfortable. Especially when that is directed towards me... unfortunately I seem to be handed this task of separating myself from that often. Especially at work. I like to be where the people are, not in some managerial position that holds expectations. The only time I like control is when I am in my Mistress role

Dam I was going to say it sounds like you need a DOM But you killed that response

I can tell you that experience does NOT make dealing with relationship and personnal issues EASIER but as my Beautiful wifey said practice will make it easier to control yourself from doing stupid shit.

As for "leader" Im a control freak therefore I dont give people leadership status easy or often, but if they "EARN IT" then Ill give it. Time in a situation does not make you a leader. I like the " experienced model " term though.

Peace and Love
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