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It really sounds to me like it's high time to sit down with a list of "my needs" (each of you) and "my desires from this situation" (each of you) and talk.

It is IMPERATIVE that all parties be in on any decisions that affect all of them.

It's one thing for instance for GG to tell me that HE is remaining monogomous to me without talking to Maca. But it would NOT be ok for him and I to agree that we are closing our V and being monogomous together (all 3 of us)without discussing this WITH Maca.

You know?
This is something that would be good to address in that "talk" together about needs/wants.

Also-it would likely be good to schedule an evening that you regularly sit down to discuss things going on in the relationship, changes people are considering/wanting, problems etc......
At least once a month for starters. Once everyone is comfortable you may be able to leave it unscheduled and do it as needed, but at least to get started it seems like a good idea to schedule it at elast once a month.
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