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So, this has been an interesting weekend...

I've been chatting with a couple of guys on OKC and one on AFF. Toward the end of the week, S2 (the AFF guy) and I realized we both had the weekend free, and he asked if we could meet. So we arranged to meet at the New England Aquarium, and wandered around Boston's north end a bit, had lunch, etc.

It's been a long time since I've met someone I felt instantly comfortable with. Even the first night I met Guy, I felt awkward, and I wasn't really sure what to say to him. But with S2, the conversation started and just kept going. We did not run out of things to talk about at all, and he's a really interesting person.

The weird thing was, when S2 first messaged me, I didn't read his full profile. Only enough to see how tall he is (I'm shallow; I prefer a guy to be my height or taller) and to make sure he wasn't cheating on someone. Friday after I agreed to meet him, I read the entire profile, and my jaw just dropped... His description of his ideal woman matched almost exactly what I look like, and he specifically said he was looking for someone accepting of non-monogamy. So I had pretty high hopes when we met.

After a few hours in Boston, we went back to his place, and...let's just say things progressed very smoothly. I was completely comfortable and confident, which is rare for me the first time sleeping with someone. We had a few random moments of extreme physical awkwardness, but we just laughed about them. No mental awkwardness along with it.

We agreed we want to see each other again. He's only looking for an FWB situation, and that's all I want right now as well, so we'll see how it goes.
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