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Originally Posted by rayk1970 View Post
We have been in theory dating a guy for the past couple of months and it is going beyond just sex and just a FWB. As I am very aware that people's feeling reach different points at different times, how do you bring up the issue of feelings, where it's going, etc. when any of the three could be at different points?

Hi Ryak,

Seems you hit the key point here.

When you say "it" is moving beyond a sexual level - who are you speaking FOR ?
Who CAN you speak for ?

Probably only yourself ?

But as you say - there's 3 relationships here - possibly all at different levels. All you can "own" is your own connection and feelings for each of the others. And they each have to own their own for you - and each other.

My thoughts ?

Don't push it. Don't LABEL it ! Let it grow as it naturally will for each other. Live it and love it and don't complicate it !

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