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Originally Posted by aussielover View Post
We are a triad... I love her, and him... he loves me and her, she loves me and him
Very shortly, I will be intergrating into their family. We will be finding a new home, OUR home when I get there and will be living all together. My goal is to live a very long happy life with the two of them. However they dynamics end up, all I want to do is love them both, and be loved by them, (and the kids too) for the rest of my life.
This. )) Funny that.

But I want to expand. We are a family. I want to be with those I love. To live a long and happy harmonious life with them both. There is no one else that I want to be with. This is it. We will have it all..Including the "white picket fence."

Aussielover will be, and In my mind and heart already is a very important part of Our lives. The final piece to the puzzle. Our future plans already deeply involve her. Physically she is miles away...Emotionally and mentally she is here with us.
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