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Guy hasn't mentioned the woman from OKC at all this week, so I'm assuming he hasn't seen her. (We've agreed to inform each other of any dates with anyone else; same agreement I have with Hubby, essentially.)

Today's Guy's birthday, and I really wish I could at least have given him a birthday kiss or something. Last year on his birthday, he was still in my area, but it was during the time we were trying not to let our feelings for each other actually exist. We had a date two days after his birthday last year, but it was the first date we'd had since I'd called a hiatus a couple months earlier, so it was awkward. This year, it would definitely not be just isn't possible. (But only 25 days until I get to see him!)

Hubby and I are still having some issues, but we're beginning to identify the communication style differences--and the "sounds better in my head" tendencies--that cause some of the problems and prevent us from resolving things easily. So we're kinda working on that, even though Hubby keeps saying it would be easier to just not talk at all than to keep risking saying something wrong...
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