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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Just curious, would the girl be a dick for entering a happily married relationship with the male of the couple? I know you were expressing personal feelings, just trying to understand that pov.

When I was "mono" and single, I would absolutely agree, but my brainset has recently been upgraded
No, I imagine the girl would be a cunt. Unless, know...she had a dick. :P

It's pretty much a culture-influence thing. My discomfort would largely be driven by my mind making up worries and trying to imagine how the person's partner (the one I'm not getting involved with) would be feeling and what they would be thinking and all kinds of other more-normal social worries ("Does he like me? What if I'm being to aggressive? What if I'm making him uncomfortable? Do I smell bad? Should I have worn my blue shirt instead?").
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