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Originally Posted by sweetsara View Post
Im confused by my feelings. And frustrated with myself.

My husband and I have been together for 14 years. I was 15 when we got together. We have two kids, a business and could not imagine life without one another. But we also realize there are parts of our life we want change in. We don't fulfill each others every need, nor do we expect to.
Hi Sara,

Be patient ! Don't make mountains out of mole hills as they say.

Think of the whole situation this way.............

You were stranded in space for 25 years. Suddenly you've discovered a new planet you may want to settle on. The old one had a lot of problems and you hoped for more opportunity.
But the new place is VERY different than the old one. Most of the things you had come to take for granted no longer apply. So every day now will be something new. More to learn & understand. Roll with it. Start every morning realizing that you will face new situations - situations where you have to throw away or ignore all the assumptions you carry from the old place. Learn to adopt the attitude- " OH ! - ok - so this is new - how do I navigate this ? Old ways no longer apply. What are my new methods ?

If you make it all an adventure then the angst you run into will be like a bee sting. May sting a little at first but pass quickly - especially if you apply the proper new salve

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