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Sometimes I wonder what the fuck is going on with my life! Our central air unit died again and it took a day before the repair people could come out and fix it. So we had a very uncomfortable night. Then, I kid you not, ten minutes after the repair person left (it was a blown capacitor) there was a freak rainstorm and our power went out. We have been without power since, and the electric company says we can have it back sometime between now and Saturday night at 11 pm.

I just want to cry and cry, but that will make me hot and without AC and fans, the hell if I am going to get heated. I just emptied out my freezer - everything into the trash - but the thought of a barren fridge threatens my no tears policy so I stopped part way through. I will prolly continue after writing this, but for right now I am overwhelmed.

Took my son out today so he now has nice dress shoes for the funeral. My father in law is still hanging on though. PunkRock drove me up to see him last night, and oh, he is so frail and small now. He wasn't before. He's on round the clock oxygen and didn't rouse when I talked to him. My husband cried a quiet bit. We went to Chipotle with PunkRock, who vacated after eating to give us some alone time. He is so kind - again I have to say how lucky I am to have him in my life.

I feel like I have been monopolizing so much of PunkRock's life these past weeks, with DarkKnight gone and stressed out when he is home. And now with the power dead, he can't even escape to the basement to paint and get some alone time. It makes me feel like an awful time suck and emotional drain on him. He says we are great, but I still feel bad. He lhasnt hesitated to let me lean on him though, so he is helping me.

My friends invited us out to trivia tonight and we will prolly go just to get out of this crazy hot sweltering house.

I had a phone call yesterday from a media corporation who wants to market our poly story to some companies. I've looked at some of their work and it seems legit. Now is such an awful time though! I should have expected some attention after the Chat magazine article and the online story but I didn't. I found out the online story was linked on at least two poly sites as well. What is hilarious to me is that the people commenting seem to be more concerned at us being overweight than being poly. The funniest comment is between being called "roly-polyamorous" and something about DarkKnight and PunkRock eating my other boyfriend. None of it hurt our feelings - bullying comments suck but they were so funny!
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