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I was angry and hurt this morning, thinking about how awful it feels to be separated from DarkKnight and our extended family during this terrible time. I was building up a lot of resentment, rehashing the situation in my mind. This wasn't productive though, so I decided to just stop already and go back to sleep.

DarkKnight called me last night to tell me that his father's breathing had gotten really shallow and rapid, and they thought the end was nigh, but as of right now, this is still ongoing. He just called again - he told me he missed my voice. He apologized again for his mother, and I told him of my hateful feelings this morning.

I am ok right now. PunkRock and I had amazing sexytimes this morning, and he "treated" me to McDonalds for lunch. Dollar Menu isn't really a treat, because, well, blech. Anyway, I called him my sugar daddy and he promised a possible Supreme Buffet trip tomorrow. Lol Tonight we are having hot dogs on the grill and trivia together. I have a card for a free appetizer too. Whoo hoo!

It is really hot out and I have no motivation to do ANYTHING right now. Just laying on the couch in the air conditioning, all fat and full of a dark chocolate Klondike bar.
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