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shouldn't all people who make ANY commitment be fully certain of what they are commiting to?
I think that is a good thing. I just happen to also think that it might help if you considered what a commitment is.

I think you are caught in what a "marriage" is. A marriage IS a TYPE of commitment, but commitment isn't necessarily a marriage.

You know?

The pastor has been preaching on covenants the last month or so. Same basic concept-covenant and commitment are closely related.

He pointed out that (bear with me all you who aren't christian-it's only an example) the examples in the Bible of commitment between Jesus and the church, which are also equated to what a marriage should be, are also representative of what ALL of our relationships should be like.
That we should commit to love all people "as christ loves the church" not JUST our spouses....

So I wonder if maybe you aren't seeing the forest for the trees to a small degree?

(I do however find it VERY interesting, thought provoking and helpful to hear you talk about it)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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