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I thought, after reading this thread, that this would be a good place for our example. I identify as Athiest type 2. I don't really care whether there is a god or not, but I don't go out of my way to offend any deity either. I don't consider this agnostic as agnostic implies that you wonder about it and it still effects your life. To me, it doesn't. I used to say, "if there is a god, so be it. If there isn't, so be it. Doesn't effect me one way or the other."

So when Cajun and I got married, we knew that we could not and would not have or use traditional wedding vows. In fact, taking from different sources I found online, I wrote out 90% of our ceremony giving our pastor friend the other 10% with the knowledge that we don't want a lot of "god talk". We were vowing to each other, not to any deity. We also did not like the implications of ownership. So this is what we least the vows anyway.

I, "Cajun"
take you, "Vandalin"
to be no other than yourself
loving what I know of you
trusting what I do not yet know
with respect for your integrity
and faith in your love for me
through all our years
and in all that life may bring us.

Followed by the "pronouncement"
As "Cajun" and "Vandalin" have grown in knowledge and love of one another, and because they have agreed in their desire to go forward in life together, seeking an ever richer, deepening relationship, and because they have pledged to meet sorrow and joy as one family, we rejoice to recognize them as husband and wife.

Of course "husband and wife" can be replace with "as such" or other familial terms.

I imagine that if we were to ever find a third and form the kind of bond where we would want an "official" commitment ceremony, we would use a very similar wording but expand it to include all of our new family. Sorry if I got a little rambley...our anniversary is this week and I'm feeling just a little nostalgic I guess.
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