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I'd need more time to process the responses here but in a nut shell; I need to have confidence and genuine understanding of what meaning/message a ceremony would have. What would it achieve beyond the words I have said? I had a natural sense of what that meant in a traditional union, it was just an awareness.

This is not something I would do just for her..this has to come from my heart. I won't let something like this be a mere act on my behalf as that would dis-honor her. The words I say to her everyday are full of truth and confidence..I need to have the same truth and confidence in any ceremony or declaration of that.

It comes right down to a very basic fundamental belief (conditioning alert) that marraiges are meant to be between two people who are monogamous and commitment means sexual exclusivity. That is not what I want or expect in my relationship with I will continue my journey of just loving her for now and building our family and moving into together when the opportunity is there.

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