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ok, one more-I was talking to GG (VERY briefly) as this is "our time" and he was curious as to what triggered me jumping into the board this morning.

I gave him an (admittedly) VERY truncated explanation.
He smiled in that "wow I f'd up, funny it's coming around" look and said, "because she wants it and you love her".

Now-I don't agree with that NECESSARILY-
BUT-I guess the question REALLY that I have-after hearing him say it is this Mono,

Do you have something AGAINST it?
If so-what? (if it's not too personal to share)

Because I think that if you love someone and they feel a need for something that you can give without personally damaging yourself, it's worth giving it to them even if it's not personally meaningful to you IN AND OF ITSELF; because THEY are meaningful to you and what they want/need is meaningful to you.

BUT it's IMPERATIVE that it not be something that would be personally damaging to you....

Ok-food for thought. This topic REALLY interests me, not only because it's you guys, but because it really relates to us as well.

The key reason I never dated GG before-is because he didn't ask. I really needed/wanted a man to want/need me enough to step up and ask for my hand.

Also-it's something that someday I really want to do, but I believe that it's important for me to consider the details VERY carefully about what I want/need because it's also important to me that any request I make doesn't leave Maca feeling like my commitment with his is insignificant-because it's SO NOT insignificant to me-AT ALL.
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