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My father-in-law was transported home by ambulance this afternoon. DarkKnight went back to be there, and won't return til Sunday. Our daughter went with him this time. He called me to tell me he's been spending the day moving furniture around and getting sweaty. They've put together a sitting room in an empty bedroom upstairs for FIL, as he probably will not be able to go downstairs again. there is talk of a visiting nurse service and/or hospice but I don't know where that process is at the moment.

I am an emotional mess. I started crying this afternoon for no reason. Some friends were encouraging me to go out with them tonight and play trivia, and when I agreed it turned out the team was already full. I felt down a little bit from that, but somewhat relieved too, because I had kinda wanted a break. DarkKnight, PunkRock and I went yesterday evening.

I went upstairs and PunkRock held me for a bit. I told him I didn't know why I was so upset - my FIL is dying, my extended family consists of jerkfaces, my basement is continually flooding and we are super broke. Oh, and we are all definitely going to NY on the 13th for a week - I spent time yesterday rescheduling appointments for that. Oh, and I am supposed to be writing curriculum for my Astronomy class in the fall and I just cannot focus on it. Sigh.

After I collected myself for a bit, I started rearranging and organizing my upstairs linen/storage closet. It looks great now and it was a good stress reliever. PunkRock took a nap and then we went grocery shopping. He is cooking dinner at the moment.

Have I mentioned lately how awesomesauce he is?
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