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Default Dealing with the "L" word or close to it

Okay so this is a short version as I am not one to run on and on. I am part of a gay male couple that has been together for nine years tomorrow. A few years ago we started having sexual three ways but never sex individually outside the relationship.

We have been in theory dating a guy for the past couple of months and it is going beyond just sex and just a FWB. As I am very aware that people's feeling reach different points at different times, how do you bring up the issue of feelings, where it's going, etc. when any of the three could be at different points?

We all are enjoying it at the moment, spend lots of time together and talk daily one way or the other. I am not wanting to force anything or try to fit it into a mold, but at some point it would be nice to know where it's headed just because there are certain things that you plan and do with a romantic partner vs a FWB.

Thought appreciated.

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