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Well unless the label actually fits. I am straight. 100% sure of that. Not heteroflexible, not pan sexual. Straight.

I rarely agree with labels but sometimes they work

See-I'm bi. But currently I have a husband and a boyfriend (no girl there).... so I'm living a "straight" lifestyle, but that sure as hell does not stop my motor from running when I see a beautiful woman... no doubt I am actually bi. Just not in a bi relationship.
I relate to this, I am a poly person in a currently mono relationship that is open. My wife is bi but currently not with a woman...ahhh the joys of limbo hhaah

Also, labels do simplify if you are trying to find people online to relate to. Its very hard to convey personality online, most people have a false sense of bravado and will label themselves certain ways for simplicity.

I am a straight conservative (by canadian standards) kinky poly queer loving 35 year old male.

In that sentence you at the very least get a feel for my politics, gender, sexuality, age etc. Now if you met me in person, all of those apply, but there are nuances that will be missed. But for the sake of, say a dating site, thats needed to at least break the ice. Unfortunately I find meeting people online for dating purposes infinitely more difficult than in person. In some circles, the "straight, 35 year old, white male" is a interesting hindrance at times.

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