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Thanks everyone for the advice

I did meet her yesterday and she was very nice. The type of girl I was friends with when I use to be social. We hung out for a few hours and then my husband took her home.

Ive been doing a lot of brain picking and I think what I fear really, is not receiving as much affection as everyone else in the relationship.

When I first seen her and my husband holding hands it took me a moment to have it sink in. But it didn't really bother me, it was just different. I did tell my husband later, that I want to be touched too.

I think I may be the shyest of the three of us.

Thank you again. Im glad I found this forum. As we are new to this, I don't really want to share it with others in my life at this point. But that also leaves me without anyone to talk to outside of the relationship. And I need that.
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