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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I am finding that I am getting less and less interested in labels with my age as well.
They just seem to be more complication than they are help for me these days!

I think it's just part of the growing process.
I think that you are right, it is a part of the growing process, being true to yourself and the people around you and being open. we grow up and are taught to have predetermined labels, i mean take a look at clicques in high school, for example. but as we grow up, we relaise those cliques, or rather those labels, really arent all that worthwhile.
for me "open" is no labels and accept people as who they are without trying to fit them into a label that society has set like that person is "bi-sexual", that one is heterosexual", that one is "homosexual", polyamorous", monogamous, polygamous... etc etc etc. don't get me wrong, being able to have a word to describe what type of relationship you engage in is fine BUT when you use it solely to define who you are... i just find it so restrictive...
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