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Texting lately has become a bit of an issue with me and my hubby. He has a serious gf that i like. Not in a sexual way but i do like her as a person. they are a couple now. I have a bf that calls me his weekend wife. lol. But with hubby and his gf they are constantly texting each other all day long and up till he goes to bed. Bf comes to our house during the week and has dinner with hubby me and the kids while he's working (he's a truck driver) This is a major difference between my bf and the gf. She gets upset if hubby doesn't text her back right away (very insecure about herself) Hubby gets severe tunnel vision. When he's focused on something texting, video games etc. That is all he can focus on. He doesn't notice or pay attention to what is going on around him. Hubby gets to see the gf tuesdays and on the weekends where i see bf during the week and weekends.

I find it rude when people are texting while having a conversation with you. Hubby and I have had to have several talks about this and came to the conclusion that when he's spending quality time : dinner, bedtime for kids etc. He can text the gf that he's doing such and such and will text her later then he shuts the phone off until that time is over. there are times he forgets but we talk and work it out. This is the solution that we have had to come up with so that there are no hard feelings on anyone's side of things.

The main advise would be to talk to your partner and come to an agreement that would work for both of you.
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